Male Nuttall's Woodpecker

I started seeing a pair of these several months ago, for the first time here. Then for the last month or so I had only seen the female, so I was delighted yesterday to see the male again. He was visiting a suet feeder and decided he preferred the bottom half of a perch I had put up. (The Nuthatches like it, too.) The BG is distant trees.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, Canon 400 DO II + 2X, f/8, ISO 800, 1/160 sec, tripod. Minimal tonal work in LR to bring down whites a bit. Some very small raindrops removed in PS. (A very fine rain had just begun and I was so excited I hadn’t even noticed.) Topaz DeNoise. Slight crop from the left for composition, otherwise full frame.

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Wonderful detail here and good background.

Really nice Diane. Interesting pose and just shows how strong these little creatures are. Of course feathers are light and bones are hollow but still pretty darn strong.
Interesting you cropped from left. It feels it needs to be a bit lower and right. Lovely bg.

Very good, Diane. I like the pose and this composition works well to my eye.

What an acrobatic pose! These guys (never seen IRL) remind me of down woodpeckers here - similar size, proportions & coloring. I bet they’re just as chatty, too, although not as much as the redbellies who are just blabbermouths.

The BG is … lickable. So great. And all that feather detail. I love how the coverts are on display here - something rarely seen in a woody. The crop feels funny, but I don’t know what you had to work with so all else considered it might be the best.

Hi Diane, really nice pose with fine details and a super background. Crop works for me even though I could see trying a version with a little more room on right.

I have the 400 DO II also. Glad to see these kind of results with the R5 and 2x. Looks like the adapter to the R5 works quite well.

I also like the pose and plumage details in this image. Background is terrific. I can also see a version with more room on the right. I’m not a fan of centered images and while this is not perfectly centered the addition of more room on the right would improve the composition.

I like the comp, bg, and perch. Good details in the bird. I don’t mind the crop.