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Fascinating treescape! I love how the big trunk is balanced by the smaller one. (Could that be a Hobbit hole?)

As much as I love the color, this might also be one for B/W.

Ben - I love this image - as I was scanning the images my eyes were drawn directly to the beautiful golden light and twisted trunks of your image. I envision a mythical tentacle creature approaching the larger tree providing refuge to creatures in its trunk. Thanks for sharing!

Ben the roots of these trees have some wonderful shapes, I recognize this location from some of your earlier posts. I also love the golden glow of the light on these autumn leaves. While I think the shapes of these trees would translate well to a B&W image, I also think there is something special about the golden autumn light and colors. They create a nice ambiance in the scene.

I would like to suggest a couple tweaks. For sure I would clone away the bright spots along the bottom edge in the LLC. I’m also slightly bothered by the bright branch in the top center. I would either burn the branch down (preferred), or do a slight crop along the top.

Ben, the shapes of those two trunks are set off beautifully by the glowing golds behind them. I agree with both of Ed’s suggestions as subtle but valuable improvements. You might also try a subtle mid-tone dodge of the leaves in the upper left to give them a bit more presence.

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@Diane_Miller, @Terrance_Alexander, @Ed_McGuirk, @Mark_Seaver,

My rework on your nice comments.
I did burn the branches in the top center, to make them less striking. Therefore I had to burn some of the lights also, to keep it natural . I couldn’t take away those branches, than the leaves should be hanging in the air. I did put in just little glow.(maybe to much).
Thank you all so much !!

Ben, the burn on the branch does the trick for me. I like the rework…

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Thank you, Ed. When the circumstances are good ( fog, snow, wind maybe) I am planning to go back there many times. And it is near my home.

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