Meadow Trio

This is from spring, 2016 in Yosemite valley. I was hanging out in a meadow that had fog blowing through for a couple of hours. One other photographer showed up for about 5 minutes, but otherwise, I had the place to myself. It was a most memorable morning.

D810, 70-200mm


Harley, this one is very cool…WOW. It had to be a great sight and feeling to be there while this unfolded…:+1:

This is stunning, Harley…

I really like this, Harley. The simplicity of the composition and the muted tones really appeal to me. Well done.

I like the simplicity of this image. I think it will make a great black and white too.

This one is special Harley. Some great images had from Leidig Meadow.

No suggestions, nits. Love this as presented. There’s no download options here, but I’m wondering how this might look in b&w, given the graphic nature of the light and shadow.

This is truly amazing Harley. I believe I photographed the same trees ona prior visit in 2016 with fog yet yours looks completely different. Maybe I was the other photographer. :wink:

Harley, your trio of trees is set off beautifully by the fog behind and the glowing grasses. Another beautifully peaceful fog view.

Wow Harley! This is otherworldly. The three perfectly arranged evergreens with some backlighting from the fog and amazing pastel grass colors is really impressive. This is one of my favorite photos that you have submitted to NPN. Great job!

Gorgeous, Harley. The drifting fog layers, and the streaks of light really set off the three pines. Nicely done!

Excellent foggy landscape, Harley! The fog really separates the trio of trees and the mountain rocks and the massive rock mountain provides an impressive background. This is definitely one of those cases where centered subjects is the right choice also.

I love the light and mood of this one

Wow, this is great! I love how the elements are arranged simply, but the light is interesting enough throughout the frame to keep me searching and looking. Oh, Yosemite…

Simple and simply beautiful, really captured the light here. Love the diagonals in the foreground too.

Great mood with the fog accompanied by some sweet light make this an outstanding image, Harley. An added bonus was having the place to yourself.:grinning: