Mid-Kachimak Snack

These are an easy pick in Alaska

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

To me the WB looks slightly off. If anybody choose to download and redo, please tell me what you did - thanks

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
Thanks folks - @Keith_Bauer, @Allen_Brooks, @johnwayne
The original was a composite - Perhaps Keith was being kind with his comment on sharpness :slight_smile:
This is the original processed in LR and then given some glow
IMO - declaring that an image is a composite in the beginning results in a bias in people’s minds - I have no intention of being dishonest

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Karl: You asked about White Balance. I don’t think there is a white balance issue. I do think the image is too bright and it is also showing signs of over sharpening. I added a TK adjustment to target the plumage and darken a bit. I also added a global layer to darken the image just a bit more. See what you think. I couldn’t do anything about the sharpening issue.

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Neat image with the rainbow and the pose with the eagle eyeing its catch and the nice wing spread. Keith’s darker image looks good.

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Karl, Great shot and the rainbow adds a unique dimension. I live on the Potomac River and hope to catch one of the eagles feeding.

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I had my suspicions that this image was a composite from the beginning but didn’t say anything since the guidance is clear that is supposed to be revealed. Doesn’t really matter if you think it creates a bias or not, the guidance asks for people to share that information up front.

A really nice pose, Karl. , and I like the position in the frame. I agree that the image needed to go darker, but the white head looked accurate white balance wise. The beak and talons make me think the bird is also oversaturated a bit, though that may come from the “glow” since I’m not familiar with what goes into that.

Thanks Dennis!

Does the rainbow look fake ?

Hi Keith @Keith_Bauer

My apologies - I am relatively new to NPN - my understanding was that declaring composites was more of a suggestion for learning purposes rather than a command - I stand corrected and won’t post composites without declaring upfront

I am predominantly a wildlife guy and perhaps some astro-landscape too. Until very recently, I used only LightRoom for processing strictly following the PSA guidelines for Nature.

HI Karl. The light fits, but I rarely see a rainbow in a blue sky, though it does happen.

Yes that would make sense - clouds > rain

But in places like Iceland, Alaska it can rain in one place and sunshine next door. And as you know, one doesn’t require a lot of rain to produce a rainbow. Both the rainbow and eagle were shot on the same shoot

I like the composition but prefer the first post without the rainbow. Yes it is a little light and slightly over sharpened. Sometimes the bird just gives you blue sky and there isn’t anything you can do about it unless you change the background. Sometimes that works and sometimes the simple processing is the best way to go.