A Contemplating Peregrin Falcon

Description: Photographed this Peregrine Falcon probably contemplating breakfast (a passing by small bird ) - most likely not going to need its 240 mph stoop!

Specific Feedback Requested:

Anything really - trying hard to get used to this new way of editing

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite?

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I love the pose and the perch, Karl. To my eye the image appears over saturated. The beak and talons are just too deep and brilliant a yellow. There also appears to be a blue color cast in the bird’s plumage, but that might be caused by the saturation issue, so I’d address that first to see if it tones the blue down sufficiently. The image is definitely worth a bit more work on the minor processing issues.

A wonderful pose, but I agree with @Dennis_Plank about the colors. There is some oddness in the BG, too, which may be a different issue. I have a short memory – can you say what the new method is?

I have been trying reduce exposure first and then bringing it back up using the tone curve - always trying to remember that there isnt much detail in the 10% close to white

Thanks @Dennis_Plank - It was rainy with rocks and perch all wet. That said I changed the profile from Adobe Landscape to Standard - hopefully better ?

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So much better! Adobe Landscape is a hideous profile for any camera I have ever used. Start with Standard or Neutral and bring things up as needed. Don’t overdo it in raw as you can go further with colors and contrast in PS but can’t back off well. As you adjust tonalities the saturation will follow, and you may need to tweak Sat or Vibrance as a final step.

The TK linear profiles are my go-to method now – they make the sliders behave SO well!

For this image, to me there is so much visual weight on the right side and not enough interesting detail on the left to balance it. The “rule of thirds” has its limits. But your Peregrine is otherwise outstanding!

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I like the repost much better, Karl. The colors look much more natural to my eye.

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Nice capture and I like the upward wings. The lone perch is nice and I find the background complimentary. I like the repost with the more subdued colors. Bird seems to be slightly angled away from us but this is still quite a pleasing image.

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Nice shot indeed, and the repost is much better - good that reworked it! Priceless pose by the way :wink: … Best, Hans

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