Mist On The Pemi #2

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all critiques welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D800, Tokina 17-35 @ 22mm, .7 sec @ f/19, ISO 400


I love the mist, the red and green colors, and the shutter speed. The details on the rocks looks great, and is a nice contrast to that silky smooth water. Well done!!!


I love the colors, mist and shutter speed. While this composition works pretty well for me,
the dark rock on the right detracts a little. Aside from that nit, this is nicely done.

Nice work Michael. I like the warm rendition of this scene. Yes, the rising mist helps a great deal as well. It gives it a Romantic look imo.

Another wonderful image from that June morning , Mike! The light fog definitely produced some beautiful atmospherics for us for a couple of hours. My only suggestion would be to dodge the black rock on the right side a little. The greens of the foliage look perfect as do warm colors of the rocks in the river. This makes me want to head back this upcoming June.

Beautiful, Michael. This has such a primordial feel to it; I almost expect to see a dinosaur run through the scene. I love it, but I think Ed’s suggestion about dodging the black rock is a good one.