Misty corn field

Hi all. I’ve been eyeing up this field for a while now and was hoping for some epic storm clouds but we were recently hit with this mist instead. This worked out for the best really as the background was fairly busy.

Any critique welcomed. Post processing wise I wanted to keep the colours fairly muted so I’ve altered the greens slightly. Does this work or is it too washed out?

Also, when I save as a jpeg I seem to be getting some banding in the white area around halfway up the tree. Is this fixable?

Many thanks


Hey Chris. I LOVE this composition. The detail in the field at your feet is incredible. It works really well as a lead in to the tree and I think the negative space created by the mist is a perfect background compositionally for the scene that has so much detail in the foreground.

I really enjoy the muted greens as I think it coincides well with the moodiness of the scene. I think you executed that perfectly.

…not sure if it is just me, or if it has something to do with the export or the upload here…but the tree looks a bit on the soft side to me. Not sure if you focus stacked this, but the execution of this shot looks difficult with how close I am assuming you were to the grasses in your foreground.

Great work overall. I love this shot!

Thanks very much Matt. Yes it was indeed focus stacked. Not sure why it looks soft, it’s looked OK on the computer but I’ll double check it.


Excellent! I think you chose wisely with your processing and in muting the greens a bit. The muted color goes hand in hand with the foggy atmosphere. I’m even appreciating the 50/50 comp. As Matt points, the empty space around the tree created by the fog helps balance things out and this doesn’t really feel like a 50/50 comp. If that makes sense.

As far as softness in the tree/leaves, I’m not thinking it was windy given the detail in the field? It almost looks like some jpg compression (not terrible though.) Perhaps that coincides with any banding you were seeing? (not seeing in your post though). Not sure what to suggest since it’s not clear what’s going on. What is your re-sizing process? Maybe start there?

Most certainly an image worth making its best. Also, a great location to return in different moods and seasons.


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Thanks Lon. Just the standard export for Web via photoshop. As you say it doesn’t look as obvious when it’s viewed here. I can still see it slightly but its acceptable.

Hi @Chris_Mitchell,

The way the eyes are guided trhu the shot is perfect, first you see that isolated great tree and then you see there’s a green field and after wandering on those grasses you get back to the tree. Just a delight of image.

I too think it’s a bit soft on the tree area. But I guess you are already on it.

Personally I would like a bit more of contrast, but that may ruin the foggy ambiance.

P.S.: the bottom half of the image I think would give a great texture shot.

Thanks for sharing, cheers.
João Ferrão

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Thanks very much. Yes it does seem to be soft, the original image looks OK so I’m going to put it down to a compression issue.


I like this image a lot Chris, the concept of the grass fading away to the tree in the fog tells a powerful story. That grass looks wonderful, the color and texture are great. I love your composition, it’s almost like an ants eye view of the tree. This is a very striking image.

The tree looks a bit soft, but to some extent it should be softer than the grass, given that it is further away in the fog. I see you said the original has the tree sharper, so it must be some compression issue. But even starting from a sharp original, I would wan tot see the tree being a little softer than the grass, to maintain the look of a foggy day.

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This is one of those images where you didn’t get what you hoped for, but you probably got something more interesting in its place! I really like the foggy ambience, the sense of humidity, which go well with the fecundity in foreground. I’m not sure this is corn (maybe wheat or oats?), but I could be wrong about that. I am used to seeing corn in a more mature state, and it might look like this before the ears begin to form.

If it’s within your practice, you might clean up a few bits of the foreground (a brownish tip pointing to the left edge near the bottom and one protruding up into the frame from the bottom about a third of the way across from the left). Minor stuff really. This is nicely done!

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Thanks for that I hadn’t spotted that. I think you’re right I think it is wheat

I like the shot a lot. However are you sure it’s corn. It looks like wheat to me. Good choice to focus stack. Living in Iowa I can appreciate a good crop scene.

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What I like most about this image is how the tree seems to rise out of a sea of green. It’s almost supernatural.

Thanks chaps. I think you’re right it’s definitely wheat!