Mojave Desert - Collection of Abstract-ish Photos

This is a small selection of photos I have taken in the Mojave Desert in recent years. I am sharing these as a collection because I think they look stronger together. I also intentionally processed these photos with cooler tones and emphasized the pinks and blues. If you have any feedback about the composition, processing, or anything else, I welcome your input and ideas on how I might be able to make the collection or the individual photographs better.


That’s strange, I was looking at this and the order of the images changed.

These are wonderful abstracts, Sarah. I’m not sure I can provide much feedback in terms of improvement. But I would like to tell you which are my favorites.

They’re the dried mud ones. The second image I like for the colors. It’s almost like a mosaic in a way, made of small pieces that together form a composition. The other one on the very bottom I also like very much, primarily for it’s composition. The blues are more cyanic in that second one which gives it a different feel. It’s hard to decide which I like more but I think it’s the mosaic one (2nd from the top).

They’re all beautiful images, though. The salt pan from Badwater is marvelous as well when you blow it up. It has such a light feeling to it.

In order of preference: #2, #4, #5

Sarah: these are all special with the topmost one being unique. I’m still not sure what it is, but I like it! Richard

Wonderful collection of abstract patterns here Sarah, nicely done. Not one of them has an element to break up the pattern. However I think the patterns are so strong and unusual that they are actually stronger images without a break in the pattern. A couple of these have me scratching my head about what they are, but I guess you were hoping for that response. I also like how all of these desert patterns utilize cool tones, not necessarily what you would expect from Mojave.

Pretty much perfect to my eye. All of em…Nothing to critique. Superior coolness tonalities that sing a soft and pleasant song. Thanks for taking me away from all the drama… That last mud scene is straight up Gong Show worthy. Maybe my favorite mud scene ever…And Ive seen a lot of mud…Love how you exposed the deep cracks, works perfectly with the tiles…

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All the images are dialed in quite well. The only suggestion I would provide is some edits to the first image; which, by the way, looks a lot like a frozen alpine lake. Anywho, I realize you were processing for blues, but maybe try adding some warm to the highlights to get that play of cool vs warm. Maybe a warming filter adjustment through a luminosity mask; or something similar to bring out the same glow, only warmer.

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Nice collection of abstract images. My favorites are the two cracked mud images - they have a lot of sharp detail and intriguing patterns. I don’t have suggestions for improvements except maybe add a touch more contrast to the morning ruffles image. It seems a bit flat for my tastes.

Not really a critique but more of a question for you…

Your last image of the mudcracks with the blue and pink tones… There is one small crack kind of in the bottom middle and another like it that is almost in the middle on the left side. Right below the middle on the left. For me, these kind of lines always seem to distract my eyes because they are not as strong as the other ones and typically do not add much to the shot so I tend to clone them out. In re to composition, do you think these at times can take away from an image by being on the edge? Hope the question makes sense lol. Beautiful set.

They look great individually but really come into their own as a collection. Funny how images so different in subject and scale can combine so synergistically.

Sarah, as a group they’re quite nice. The “wet look” of the first and third are interesting, remind me of beach scenes. I am STILL trying to get my head wrapped around the first. To be honest, I have a profound fondness for cracked mud images. To me they’re both fascinating and my favorites.

These images always kill me, @Sarah_Marino!

And I just noticed this was in the critique gallery. I have no suggestions for anything because I think they’re all perf. I just wish they were mine and that’s all.