Desert Patterns

I just returned from a trip to the desert southwest, and I took a few sandstone detail photos as we hiked around. This is not my usual type of photography, so I’m interested to hear what you all have to say.

5D2, 24-105 @ 105
Handheld, f/11, 1/250s, ISO100
Minimal TK curves adjustments


Craig; This is a wonderful portfolio of your time in the desert southwest.

The outdoors offers an infinite opportunities for stunning images and you have been arranging the best of those in your choice of framing. Thanks for letting us enjoy your work.

Lovely reflected light and repetition in this abstract image. Thanks for sharing!

Nice reflected light, nice colors, nice lines, and an interesting pattern. I’m glad that you decided to step out of your comfort zone Craig, it really paid off for you with this image. The wave-like shapes create a nice sense of rhythm. Great job to see this.

I couldn’t resist trying an alternate spin on this, not better, just different. What’s neat is that the that the “hole” at the bottom turns from an in-ey to an out-ey when its flipped like this. It makes for an interesting optical illusion.

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I love this! Wonderful shape and colors.

Thanks @paul_g_wiegman, @Adam_Bolyard, @Ed_McGuirk and @BrandonPHX!

Ed, interesting to see how the rotation changes the relief of the sandstone. Thanks for taking the time to play around with the image.