Moloa'a Bay Sunrise

Finding stuff in my archives that has never been touched. This from 2012. Fun spot that I take clients to fairly often for sunrise workshops. Was there a couple of days ago and it’s ever changing.

Think this is 2 shots, maybe 3 for the flare blend for dr.


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This one has a really nice feel to it Aaron. I like the way you handled the sky around the sun, and the bit of a sun star is quite pleasing. The light striking the foreground ridge is also quite nice. Looking at this photo really makes me want to be there. I can see how this might have been a bit of a challenge to compose since you have all those dark elements in the upper right, and the area with the wet sand in the lower left, but it all balances really well. I think this is the sort of photo where if you were positioned an inch or two in any other direction it wouldn’t have balanced as well. I’ll have to make it out to the islands on a dedicated shooting trip at some point. :+1:

Very nice Island photo, the sunstar is muted and well done.
The brightened line in the sand next to the water needs some work…