Hanalei Light

Just the usual showery light :slight_smile: Still getting used to Capture One but am liking the results better…still learning curve.


You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

While the rays of light are amazing the tonal range seems too even resulting in a lack of dimension. Although this is probably an accurate recording of the event, a bit of post processing could improve its impact.

The light and textures look great and I feel drawn in to look at and enjoy this. I think the light rays look good although the ones on the right, down-sloping part of the mountains seem to be lighter over the land than they are in the sky, which seems a bit backwards.

Aaron, I love the showery light rays here, they are very dramatic, and the dark mountains does a great job of showing them off. I agree with @Tony_Kuyper, the luminosity of the sky seems out of balance with the light rays. I would burn down the sky above the mountain to bring it more into balance.

Cool shot, Aaron. Great atmospherics. I think I would be tempted to open up the shadows in the lower right maybe just a touch. I think that would help provide better overall balance.


Great capture of the conditions; the combo of the rain, rays and light are wonderful. My suggestion has the do with the beach line. It’s receding, so I don’t expect it to be exactly level, but still it feels like it’s not level. I’m wondering if the ocean/beach is needed at all? After all, it’s about the shower of light about and I don’t think the sea is adding anything. But then again, that’s subjective and minor.


This has a wonderful Tahiti look to it. It’s how we imagine South Sea islands should look like. I like the comp very much. You could warm up the sunlit areas on the foliage just a bit to accentuate them.

Thanks all. Appreciate the time. Will check the dodge/burn as I know this was tricky.

Regarding the shoreline, it was added for sense of place but because it is a bay and therefore curved it does give the appearance of not level.

hny all :slight_smile: