Monarch on Bull Thistle

I found this monarch in a wildflower area of a local park this morning. Looks like migration has taken a bit of a toll considering the tattered wing.
I used Viveza 2 (Nik Collection) to darken and add a little saturation to the flower.

Canon 90D, 70-200mm f2.8L IS II, 1.4x TC
ISO 640, f13, 1/200s, hand held

Any comments appreciated.

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Allen, a great look at this Monarch. I love the flower he is on as well. You did a great job in capturing the details in both the flower and the BF, I can even see pollen on the face of the BF. It is a amazing what these fragile little creatures can endure, and survive migration and near captures by their predator’s. That nice smooth BG sure makes both the flower and the BF stand out nicely. Great shot.

While these thistles are branded as a noxious and invasive weed in many states, they are outstanding butterfly attractors as well as striking photo subjects. You’ve got excellent sharpness in both the thistle and the Monarch. Her age shows well with the tattered and torn wings.

I generally despise seeing these thistles, but they are beautiful and you have captured the color beautifully. Nice capture and a very pleasing background.

Allen: Terrific perch and a great capture of this old guy/gal. The faded coloration of the butterfly gives away its age and I wonder if it is one of the long distance migrators. Would love to hear a tale of its journey. Top notch shot. >=))>