Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed (or Bull) thistle + Repost

A few remaining flowers, so the butterflies and other insects trying to get their last drops of nectar. slightly windy conditions, I had to wait for brief lull between gusts of wind to capture this. I would have loved to capture this butterfly on a nice looking flower such as the one on right, but had to settle for this. I think the flower on the right adds a visual balance. I would like to hear what other think.
Also, often I am hesitant to remove things from an image, but there were distracting elements that were removed as described below.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 7DII + 180/3.5 + Tripod
f/9, 1/40, ISO 800
Canon DPP4, PSCC, Nik Tonal contrast
A dried pod on left bottom corner removed. A small bud at bottom center removed
Appreciate comments and suggestions

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I like the detail in this shot. You can drop down the blacks slightly or increase the contrast. Both will have nearly the same result. Very nice and well done…Jim

Ravi, this is a well captured image. For me I like the balance of the dried up and the fresh flower. The position of the butterfly is nice as well. Great out of focus background that makes the subject stand out nicely. I agree with Jim about boosting the contrast a bit. Well done.

Agree with recommendations. Here is the image with increased contrast.

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I think that improves it, Ravi. A very nice image. I will edit the title to include + Repost for you. That lets folks know that you have edited and posted the image.

Ravi: I’m very OK with the dried perch and think it tells a story next to the young bloom. Good plane of focus and DOF management and your adjustments are icing on a very fine cake. Most excellent. >=))>

Ravi, this is a fine catch of this Monarch on the pair of thistles. In Maryland these late blooming thistles are major butterfly attractors in Sept. The sharpness throughout looks great. One other thing you can do with a repost (if you want), is add it as a second image to your original post. Then a viewer can page back and forth using arrows in the larger view between the two versions for a clear comparison.

I don’t know how to add the edited image as a second image. Could you tell me how to?

Ravi, select your post, then click the pencil button at the bottom. You can then upload a second image using the add image button. It’s best to change the original title to show that you added a repost (either by adding a + or saying repost [or rpst], etc.)