More Soybeans

I went out yesterday on a spectacular late fall afternoon looking for crop fields and discovered that mid-November means that most of the fields have been harvested. As sunset neared, I came upon this bucolic farm scene scene with a partly (the closest part) harvested soybean field and enough grass that I could pull off the road for a few quick photos. Here are a 2 shot pano, where I included the telephone poles expecting to crop them, but decided that their haphazard leaning was a fun inclusion… and a single shot giving a better view of the house and barn with the sunstar reflected in an upstairs window. The color difference between these two and Bill’s shot are quite striking.

Such a quaint photo of this lovely farm scene Mark. My preference is the close up because, at least for me, I get a better feel of the sunset reflecting on the soybean fields. The detail and texture are wonderful in the larger version. Nicely seen and captured.