Morning Coffee on San Juan Island

This photo was taken of my wife around 7am at the lighthouse on San Juan island in WA state.

It was sprinkling and we got to the park that preserves the lighthouse before anyone else arrived so I had the luxury of taking my time.

I took a few frames but this shot of my wife jumping from rock to rock with her morning coffee in hand really did it for me.

Specific Feedback Requested

Open for any critique or comment

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Hey Shayne. Great shot. Neat having the human element in this scene to add some more visual interest to the shot. Just a couple of comments as an initial reaction. Normally I prefer to not have partial trees protruding in to the shot, but in this case, it works for me. The left side of the frame feels light and open and the right side is heavier with more color and subjects.

The one thing that did catch my eye was the dark out of focus rock on the lower left. Being dark, it has visual weight, which might mean it has some importance in the shot. I find my eyes coming back to that dark rock instead of moving and staying in the mid-ground with the lighthouse/wife. Could just be me and my first reaction on opening the image. I think you could safely clone it out and see how it feels.

Anyways, you got a great shot that tells a good story!

A very neat shot, Shayne. I agree with John that the dark rock really pulls the eye. I think the image would hold up nicely just cropping to the inner edge of it and taking a corresponding bit off the bottom which is all out of focus foreground anyhow. The human and fauna category is actually for images on either domestic animals or wild animals in an obviously man made environment, so I’m going to move this image to the non-nature category (and I won’t get into the strange idea that human beings aren’t animals).


I appreciate the feedback! I definitely agree with your comments and have been feeling unsatisfied with the openness left of the frame that you pointed out. A lot I hadn’t yet considered as well so much appreciated!

Hey Shayne,

Great environmental image and with your wife there, it’s got a sense of scale too. Nicely seen. I agree with the others about the close rock on the left. to be candid, I also struggle with the sliver of tree on the right. It sort of feels like it’s bouncing my eye back to the lighthouse. But it doesn’t need to because without it, the eye more casually falls back.

I took the liberty of trying a crop and heal on this, it’s below. I was pleasantly surprised that this is a Q2 image. I’ve been lusting after that camera and it’s monochrome cousin for some time now.

Anyway, I hope you don’t mind that I took the liberty of adjusting things:

Just a thought. It’s a very nice image and you gotta love those Leica colors.


Not at all! I appreciate it. Yes love the camera also would love to get my hands on a monochrome :drooling_face:. Thank you for the feedback and edit example!