Morning light


This image comes from an early morning spontaneous shoot along some fragile mangroves.

EXIF: ISO 200 F11 1/125 at 66mm on Nikon d7200

I love the morning light hitting the side of the mongrove trees. This natural growth has been dying slowly over the years due to expansion of a nearby highway. I happened to carry my camera on my way to work and stopped by to admire the beautiful roots that grow above the water surface.

Let me know if this image works with respect to the composition and overall look.


Hi Simeon,

The light here is exquisite and the ripple pattern of the water is nice. Abstract scenes like this are definitely subjective so please take my following comment with a grain of salt. I am not sure if the shapes created by the main trunks here are cohesive for me. For example, I am not certain how to connect the pair on the left with the lone trunk on the right. If you visit this place often, I would love to see more from this.

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Thank you for your feedback. I agree with the subjectivity in abstract scenes . I agree with the trunks not having their 'characteristic ’ look as I would like. Maybe there are trees within this growth that may have better trunks. I will visit again for sure. The story I was going for was more about the fragile life of the growth, the off-shoot of leaves on the right side (also being the brightest spot ) pointing towards the intertwined trunks in the background.

This is quite lovely. The composition works for me and the texture of the water is beautiful. I could see muting the brightest light tones, and that sharp shadow near the top of the right tree.

The story reads to me as showing strength. The vertical framing and the strong trunks speak to me of strong trees. The little leaves do feel fragile, but it wasn’t clear to me that the trunks were dead (certainly that reflects my lack of knowledge of these trees). I do feel the relationship between the two sets of trees, because of the little leaves pointing to the other trees.

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This is a great evocative photo. Well done.I think the “balance” between the lone tree on the right and the two on the left is actually quite good. The one on the right is closer and brighter and thus gets more weight. My only suggestion: try darkening the bright trunk just a bit and use a very soft round brush/mask to lighten the sprouting leaves slightly.

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Thank you! Indeed they are fragile trees and a crucial part of my local ecosystem. Ever since their reduction along river banks, we’ve noticed increased flooding and dead growth .

Thank you, Tony. I will definitely make a change to the highlights. Appreciate the feedback!

This is a very interesting abstract image. I like how the reflection of the tree on the left twists around itself, sort of like a DNA helix. I agree with @Tony_Siciliano about burning down the highlights of the tree on the right. I think yuo could also dodge some of the blue highlights in the water in the bottom half of the image, to accentuate the ripples a bit more.

Here is a rework reflecting my comments, including burning down the right tree.

I agree that the tree on the right is the issue. Without it the tree on the left works perfectly with all the curved trees in the background. The right tree, however, is not in harmony with the bg so there is a discord between the two trees. At least that’s how I see it. The left tree has a more organic look to it - slender legs crossed at the bottom. I really like that.