Moss and Middle Falls

One more winter look at another waterfall in Silver Falls state park, Oregon.
You would probably not see a whole lot of the falls and creek from this view in the summer when leaves
are on…

20mm, 1 sec. f16
Any comments appreciated.

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Excellent. Colors/processing look spot on to me in this one. The comp is excellent too and in at least one aspect, quite different. To me, this has a near fish eye perspective, yet without the distortion. The works wonderfully with the flow of the water really directing the eye around the frame.

Will be interesting to read other’s comments about the fallen log in the falls. It’s what caught my eye at first and I thought, too bad it was there. But then quickly I decided that it really helps define and retain detail in the cascade with its presence. It’s all natural anyway. :slight_smile:

Well done!


This is very good, Dan. I really like the comp and perspective and processing looks spot on to my eye. I like the log in the falls, too. I would experiment with dodging the dark branch coming in upper left edge. I find it pulls my eye a bit as I look toward the falls due mostly to its darkness in comparison to everything else. Not big at all though. Good stuff.

Hi Dan, I wish I lived out your way to see some of these wonderful images. The image is nicely framed and I enjoyed seeing your world.

I have been a member for just under 30 days and most of the images that are posted on NPN are not processed to reduce RGB color contamination in the shadows.

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I really have none but good things to say about this. Excellent light, textures and detail, and a nice flow of forms through the image. The perspective down onto the fg bank takes you very effectively into the scene, and the two areas of water complement each other beautifully. A very strong sense of place !

A nice honest rendering of the scene, Dan. A painter would most likely show the essence, a clean water fall and more aesthetic placed limbs and downfall; you have shown the primal reality of a deep forest scene. I like the dripping greens and yellows and the jumbled shapes.

Love that you got out there and like you said, at this time of year when more is visible without the cover of leaves! I really like the way you’ve framed the whole thing as a scene instead of focusing only on the falls. I wonder if you might get just a little more pop in the high contrast areas in the lower river by pulling back the orange and yellow a bit. probably the Saturation the orange, but the luminance of the yellow.

Either way, I love this location and it’s a great capture of an Oregon winter scene!

Very cool waterfall and sweeping curve through the frame. I also dig the highlights of mossy branches throughout.

I find that a lot of the time I’m really desaturing the oranges and reds in my waterfall (or forest in general) scenes here in the NW… especially in the winter. The brown deadfall, to my eye, isn’t a very inviting or enjoyable color paired with the palette, so a simple desaturation of those helps a lot sometimes.