Silver Falls

South Silver falls in the Oregon Cascades

Taken today, Fall color at its peak, but fall drought in Oregon has almost dried up the famous streams.
Since the water was so low and the fall foliage just overwhelmed it, I went for something else.
Comments appreciated.

D800, 14mm, 1.3 sec.

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I like your composition on this one, looks like an awesome spot. The image to me looks a bit de-saturated was that the look you were going for? For me i like fall photos to have a lot of color in them but that’s just my personal opinion. If you were going for a more de-saturated look I would clean it up a bit there are some leaves that are more gray and others that are orange on the same branch. You could try using the color range tool in photoshop to get a more specific selection.

I really like the composition very much and the almost monochromatic approach here is refreshingly different. Bonus points for creativity in my opinion.

I was just there this spring. I tried some shots through the trees, but wasn’t entirely happy with the results. I would prefer to see the entire falls in this shot, especially because there is a black hole in the middle of the image. The saturation leaves it a bit flat in my opinion, but maybe a high structure monochrome could make it pop a little more.