Mother and child + Repost

One of my favorite images while paddling Adirondack ponds in 2019. Sony RX10 M4, ISO 320, 1/500, f/4, AWB, 371mm focal length (equiv), handheld. All comments and suggestions are welcome and thanks for viewing.


This is a good face to face comparison of a mother & chick, Jim. It has a good mood. It does seem significantly over exposed to me though. I’m also thinking a crop on the bottom would help by making them less vertically centered, remove some of the distracting light reflections and give it more of a panorama look which would work quite well with their long profile.

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Jim, the interaction between the two looks good with the drops adding interest. It does look possibly as much as a full stop over exposed. You got quite close to these two, which is a treat in itself. Some burning in of the lower half could help. Given your low viewing angle, the specular reflections from the water are very hard to avoid.

Thank you @Mark_Seaver and @Gary_Minish for your helpful critique. I couldn’t honestly see the overexposure originally but toned it down a bit and like the result. The specular highlights were a real problem. I dealt with most of them by simply cropping up, which also gives the pair a more wide angle look. Then I tried to burn the specular lighting spots but that didn’t work well on these individual highlights. Also tried cloning them out, but too muddy looking . So, the resulting image is improved but not perfect :grinning:.