Mother and Child

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I came across this image while strolling along the beach in Cape Cod and it really caught my attention. The position of the stone and the curl of the Brown Algae seemed to represent an embryonic form. The shadow around the subject is present and was not added -not sure why it’s there ,maybe moisture content in the sand…

Specific Feedback

feel free to express your opinion

Technical Details

Velvia slide scanned

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James. I find this image and your description to be very powerful. I can’t imagine how it could be improved unless it was to allow a little more background at the top of the image. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Barbara,I appreciate your comments and technical critique . This is one of those images that simply says - focus and click. I captured what the ocean presented ,no manipulation my part, and allowed mother nature to be the creator.

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Well, you get extra points for seeing it and capturing it so well! I love the subject and shapes. The “shadow” (whatever it may be) is a gorgeous extra touch! This is a classic frame and hang!

I love this image. Everything about it. It’s simplicity. It grace. Wonderful.


Wonderful image! Kudos of course for spotting and seeing the great potential here.

I have no suggestions either, but will comment and express my opinion… or my initial reaction was “still life.” Meaning I don’t think you could have manually or purposefully created this intimate scene. It’s a “found” beauty.

Well done, beautifully captured and presented.