Mountain Laurel Bloom

I have been on this trail a few times but something told me to go there this am. To my surprise i was blown away by the burst of mountain Laurel blooming nearly everywhere.

Specific Feedback Requested

Composition and not sure if the vertical or landscape version is better.

Technical Details

55mm f/13 1/3 sec iso 800


Lucky you! There are two reasons why I much prefer the portrait to the landscape mode. First, the portrait mode makes much more of the laurel in its lushness and abundance. Second, the portrait mode is much more consistent with what is most dominant in the frame - the leading line of the trunk. In the landscape mode there is too much on either side that distracts rather than adds. I might consider a crop along these lines:

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It’s really hard to decide which one is better because each has it’s strong points. I will go with the landscape even though the centered log bores me somewhat. I think the flowers are slightly better integrated in that image. The flowers just look more polarized in the vertical due to it’s longness. What I like in the landscape one is the vignetting. I like how it’s brighter in the center and drops off to darkness at the edges. I think that gives the image a mood.

Nice image here, Mario. I prefer the landscape one, the vertical feels a little bit cramped. However, the crop proposed by @Kerry_Gordon delas with it making it a very close cut.

You captured this perfectly, Mario! Scenes like this are very hard for me to get without it looking like a mess! I think each way presented has it’s own. I really like @Kerry_Gordon crop top! Really great image, Mario!

Thank you for your comments @Ola_Jovall @Igor_Doncov @Vanessa_Hill and the rework @Kerry_Gordon .