My Buddy Woody

We have a handsome male pileated woodpecker that regularly comes in to our suet block and here he is after snacking on it. I am extra fond of getting frames of him with a sunlit head in a shaded situation. Note: that’s back you’re seeing. At first glance it seems to be his chest. Don’t be fooled.

Specific Feedback Requested

I think the light/shadow contrast is pleasing. Do you?

Technical Details

D500, Nikon 200-500 lens, monopod, 1/2500th, f 8.0, 260mm, ISO 6400, cropped to 1813 x 2122, DeNoise AI


Love the lighting, Dave. Looks like it was staged. Also am enjoying how he is tucked very nicely between the trees. And do think he is showing off that he can bend and turn he head around like that. Stunning capture.

Ya know, sometimes I think that he IS posing for me. I know that’s silly but…

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I love the multi-layered tree backgroun, Dave, and the light through the topknot is really cool. The shadows seem a bit too dark to my eye.

I really like the lighting on the head Dave, particularly the backlit topknot. It allows the head to standout from the darker tree bark.
The body/back slightly confused me as it looks a bit unreal!.. as anyone would if they could turn their head 180 degrees.

Ouch! Talk about a kink in the neck! Yikes. At first glance, I thought that was his chest. Thanks for clarifying that, Dave. Lucky you to have this to shoot all the time. You might consider cloning out the little bright spot that looks like an earing behind his head. It’s just tree bark that really lit but looks like an earing. LOL