Nature's tweed

When I posted my view of a floating in the midst of reflections, several folks asked if I’d taken some shots without the leaf. The answer was yes, but not of the same location, so the view was quite different. We finally got some sunshine today, so I went back to see what I could do. In hind sight, I should have looked at my pictures and settings before heading out, but didn’t, so what I got today is quite different from Tuesday’s view. In spite of that, there are some fun results. This one had me thinking of a brightly colored tweed (yes, that’s normally a contradiction in terms…). I shot all of these moderately fast to best show the surface detail, slower shutter speeds blur the water details, but show the reflection shapes better.

7D2, 100-400 @ 220, 1/160 s, f/7.1, iso 800, tripod

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Very cool stuff, Mark. This reminds me of a mosaic painting in oil. The color palette works beautifully as does the sense of movement in the scene. My only suggestion would be to crop or clone that section of green in the URC that is so much different than the rest of the image. I hope you have some more to show us.


Very interesting abstract. The shutter speed was perfect for catching those details on the water surface. I’ll second the comment on the URC clone.

I really like this Mark. The jewel tones glimmer like cut glass here. It’s a lovely abstract, and I appreciate your explanation of shutter speed and its impact on surface texture v. reflected shapes. I might be inclined to crop a tish off the top to simplify the colors. The more pinkish tone top left half and different green in the urc pull my eye out of the frame, and losing those two color variations, the whole abstract feels more unified (if that’s what you want).

Mark, you are the master of these abstract reflections !!!

This image looks so much like a stained glass window, it’s amazing. I love the muted colors and contrast here, it lets the patterns speak for themselves. The combination of blue and green here is very appealing to me. Nice work…


Simply awesome! A fantastic reflection abstract.

Hard to be critical with a natural abstract like this… but one minor suggestion would be clone out the white “thingy” near the top edge left of center. Not a big deal, just a little distraction to an otherwise wonderful image.


Mark, this shot is amazing! A beautiful rendering of light and motion that reminds me of an impressionist painting.

I only had one small suggestion. The water surface in the image to me looks like it is leaning down towards the upper right corner. I would try playing around with the horizontal and vertical transform sliders in Lightroom or warping in Photoshop to make the water surface look as flat as possible, and make the image look even more like a painting. Something like this:

But that’s just me, and the image is really fantastic as is.