"Near Paradise" (Washington...that is)

What technical feedback would you like if any?

All comments welcome.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

All comments welcome.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Canon 17mm Tilt-shift lens on Sony A7R2

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The backlighting on the flowers is gorgeous, Doug. The composition is quite pretty although I am wishing that there are more flowers to the right side of the lower half, but we take what we can get. Love the fog on the water.

Doug, this is a beautiful scene. As Adhika said, the flower backlighting is beautiful, as is the sunlit mist on the lake. I also agree about the distribution of flowers. Maybe a step or two to the left might have centered them better, but of course I don’t know the area you were working in. As a minor note, I might clone the two little bits of cloud at the top edge, center.

This one caught my eye because of its softness—soft light, soft colors, mist. It is very appealing for those reasons. I might consider cropping the sky just a tad, but it is very lovely, very natural looking, as is. There is such a quiet, peaceful, morning feel to this one.

What a fantastic image! Dawn is my favorite time to shoot, and this reminds me of the great peace and excitement one experiences at the start of a new day. The mist and light on that water is amazing. I think the arrangement of the flowers is fine. Nothing is lacking there. I think you did a great job capturing the very high dynamic range at that hour. That is often my biggest struggle when the sun just breaks the horizon. Excellent work!

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments! I learn something every time.

Fabulous photo as is. I couldn’t resist playing with it. My thought was to darken the brightest part on the right so that the eye would linger a bit longer on the beautiful gold fog before going to the sun. Not sure it’s any better, just different.

Fantastic as is, I feel the peaking sunlight complements the subtle soft light on the flowers and grass. The fog over the water is icing on the cake and adds a bit of moodiness that without would have not been as fantastic.