New Feature: Reactions (Likes) and Awards

Hey everyone,

You may have noticed the ‘Like’ feature has changed slightly. The thumbs up icon has been changed to a heart and given a slight red tint so it stands out just a little bit to encourage use.

You’ll also notice that when you hover over the heart icon a new set of emojis are available for you to react to a photo or a comment:

Also, when you hover over one of the emojis it gives a short description of what it means:

To go along with this, the last three emojis are extra special as they signify that you are awarding that comment for being exceptional. In the past we tried doing this using ‘Flags’ which wasn’t very intuitive and hasn’t been used for a while. Here’s what these three icons mean:

  • :star2: Thoughtful Response - When a user spends the time to give a thoughtful response to a photo or question.
  • :level_slider: Valuable Processing Tip - When a user gives great post-processing advice.
  • :trophy: Valuable Critique - When a user gives a critique that is above and beyond.

I will review these monthly and award badges so the most valuable comments can easily be found later on, which is useful to everyone! It also shows the commenter that their replies are appreciated.

Please give it a try and let me know if you have any feedback on this!


So I’ve just been giving these out willy-nilly because I didn’t know the star, the slider (that goes to 11, right?) and the trophy were different. The hover text doesn’t say that and so I fear things will get confused.

You can’t see this?

Nope, I get this -

Is it me or does the level slider remind you of the thing they use to measure your feet in ancient shoe stores of yore?! :laughing:

That’s…odd. What browser are you using?

Safari on Ventura.

Ok, now they are showing up the way you have above. They weren’t before. Weird.

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Cultural bias, but I immediately took that level slider to be a coffin, as in “bury that photo!”

:laughing: I can see that, it’s supposed to be a slider, but not the best representation in the world. Here are some other options:


Can I respond to this email with a like? :slight_smile:

Great idea!

If it could be turned sideways, it might be more obvious. The idea of a coffin also popped into my head. Maybe it’s Halloween.


I’m fine with the slider replacement (control knobs) - we’re fully in control😉.

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glad you replaced the slider. probably my lutheran upbringing but i saw it as a cross at first.


OK, I love the “Mind Blown” one, although it looks like it just saw something truly awful. :rofl:

Yes - ha ha.

Bonnie, yes, the emoji creators need to come up with something more explosive.

Same! I was momentarily confused until I read the explanation and saw the icon enlarged. I thought it was a tombstone with a cross :laughing:

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It’s called a Brannock Device. Just saying…

Good to know if I’m ever on Jeopardy!