New leaves

I find American Beech, pretty much any time of year, a fascinating tree to study and photograph. The new leaves are works of art in and of themselves, “perfect” only for a day or two before becoming food for another part of life. I’m always amazed at how young leaves, in particular, can be so beautifully translucent while also reflecting light.

Specific Feedback Requested

any and all

Technical Details

PentaxK100, 1/800, f/9.5, 260mm, ISO1600


Don’t know how I keep missing your shots, John, but another one to make me miss beeches. The overlap is really nice here with the shadows and the basic shapes. Tightly cropping worked well to isolate them in all their toothy glory. The focus seems a bit soft, but it sort of works because we know what these look like and can fill in detail from our imaginations. I like how the bright triangle in the LRC mimics the shape of the leaves themselves.

A very nice composition with the leave shapes and the darker tips against the yellow BG. Maybe the brightness of the upper part of the yellow BG could be reduced a little?