New Members Category

Hey folks, have you spotted that shiny new section labeled “New Members” on the NPN forum? Wondering what it’s all about? We’ve designed this exclusive area to be a playground of sorts for newcomers—a place where new members can ‘kick the tires’ and familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of the forum, stress-free. We re-branded the Beginners category since that was not getting much traction.

Why the Special Area?

We understand that diving into a well-established community like NPN can feel overwhelming. Our aim is to offer a sandbox experience, so new members can comfortably learn the ropes. The submission form here is streamlined to make posting photos as easy as possible while learning. Plus, our seasoned NPN veterans are excited to help new members navigate this creative haven.

Personalize Your Experience

For those of you who would like to keep your focus on other forum categories, there’s a quick fix. Simply head over to your tracking preferences, locate the “Categories” tab, and add “New Members” to the “Muted” section. This will ensure you only see content that aligns with your interests.

So, whether you’re new and seeking guidance or a long-timer willing to lend a helping hand, the “New Members” space is your go-to hub for all things newbie-friendly. Cheers!

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I see someone has tried to put a couple of shots in this section and they have little lock icons next to the thumbnails in the Latest view of all topics and when I click it I’m taken to this -

Normally when a person deletes a thread moderators can still see it before it was edited. I can’t see anything except this page. I assume something should actually show up here.

And now I look closer, the whole category has locks next to images -

Yeah, same for me as well.
I joined that category but still no way to see the post or make comments.

Thank you both, there was a holdover from the beginners category. This should be fixed now.