Non-Zion Narrows Reflection with Autumn Colors

Well, it is impossible to pick a single favorite. I whittled it down to like, 22 images :laughing: I have favorites that look the best, favorites that I associated with the best experiences, favorites where I am proud of their creativity, favorites where I am proud of the postprocessing…

I’ll just pick one I haven’t posted yet! This one is probably my favorite if you average out all of those above categories.

This is from my first trip ever to Utah. No it is not in Zion. I’ve been enamored with photos of Utah for years now (I blame @Guy_Tal and @Alex_Noriega and many more), but it took me so long to actually get there. I went on my first solo multiday backpacking adventure and had the time of my life. It was hard, it was easy, it was frustrating, it was fun, it was productive, it was relaxing. This is from a day I spent hiking through a narrow canyon. It was addicting seeing what it would look like around the next corner, and there are a lot of corners. Sometimes you see stuff like this! It’s also really great that you can make great photographs at any time of the day in a canyon. I will definitely return.

This is 3 images blended for exposure (probably overkill) at 35mm focal length.


Beautiful, Brent!! Great perspective, great reflection and I can see why this would be one of your favorites.

The reflection is really nice…I am glad you don’t say where it is…

Fabulous photo, great composition. I’d be interested in seeing what it looks like with the cliff on the right lightened up slightly.

I love the feeling of quiet drama that this image evokes. Being in the midst of those towering cliffs must have been an exhilarating experience. The sense of scale is immediately apparent courtesy of the spotlighted trees in the distance.

I have been in similar places (although not this one) and I can relate to what your solo-backpacking experience must have been like. Congratulations on creating such a beautiful picture.

Wonderful image, Brent, and considering your efforts to get there, it’s easy to understand how you consider this a favorite. I really like how you blended the exposures. The fact that you were careful to expose the water while it was mirror smooth is a big bonus. The cottonwoods are a perfect focal point.

Beautifully done, Brent. I like the way the diagonals of the water; along with the canyon walls; funnel the viewer to the autumn color. Everything looks very natural from the shadows to the high lights. I can see why this is one of your favorites for the year.

Brent, the mix of shadows, crystal clear reflections and those golden trees are terrific. A lovely view where it’s easy to see why you like it.

Brent, that;s such and accurate rendition of “being there” that I can smell the cottonwoods and hear a canyon wren. Very well seen and captured!

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Thank you all very much. I’m really glad this image works well for you. This image means a lot to me so the fact that you connect with it as well is really gratifying.

This is a beauty, Brent. I am loving the quiet mid tones…I think it is beautifully composed. Wonderful lines and balance throughout You were well rewarded for hiking and seeing what is around the next corner.

Definitely a striking landscape, Brent! It’s interesting the difference between viewing the small version versus the large version. When looking at the small version I’m struck immediately by the graphical symmetry and shapes plus the sharp brightness/color contrast of the yellow leaves in the center. When viewing the large version I immediately feel like I’m standing right there in the canyon viewing the scene. The graphical elements are still there but seem to be a second priority. Both are very pleasant experiences but significantly different!

Being enamored with the most beautiful state is just about the best thing I could be blamed for! Very nice image here Brent, perfect processing.

@Stephen_Stanton thank you!!

@Gary_Minish Thank you! Oh, that is a very interesting thing to notice. I think it’s always a great compliment to an artist to say that their work made you stop and think for a minute. Maybe I should print this large :slight_smile:

@Alex_Noriega how dare you! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks, glad you like it. Been watching your videos.

Never any doubt in my mind!

This is Pure Bliss Brent. Lovely in every way.

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Thank you Kane, that means a lot! P.S. really enjoyed your podcast episode with @Matt_Payne and absolutely adore your photography.

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Wow man, just now seeing this image… its so good! Nice work man!

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Oh my, this is so beautiful and serene.

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Brent, Superb image. I love the contrasts in light throughout and speculate this would also render well in B&W.
I’m generally opposed to centered subjects within the composition although this one doesn’t bother me, yet I wonder if you have any frames in which you panned up slightly to lower the horizon and give more balance to the image.
Good work overall.

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