Northern Harrier and friends

When photographing Cranes, I was surprised find a Northern Harrier just sitting in the same pond. Unusual but, I liked the sharing concept.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 7Dll, Sigma 150-600, 150mm, ISO 320, 1/1000 sec, f/9.0, Tripod
adjustments in LR.
Any comments are appreciated

Cool behavior and environment. Unless this is a very large crop, I’m having difficulty understanding the level of noise at iso-320. There does appear to be some image quality degradation.

A very cool shot, Charlie. Cranes on the island and Harrier in the water-go figure. I am seeing the image quality issues that David mentioned. It does have the look of a large crop, though that doesn’t make sense since you were zoomed all the way out.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really recognize it until I put it up on the computer. It is a 50% crop. I denoised it and hopefully it is better.

The repost looks much smoother. I really like the setting and colors. Pretty neat to get the harrier standing in the water and the cranes on the island. If you do cloning and/or removal of things I would have a look at taking out the two or three cranes on right side. I think it would balance the image better.

Thanks I can do that.