Noss Head Pano

This is a local scene I enjoy and finally got round to taking a multi frame pano giving 180MP in a 2.5/1 crop.
It was taken just before sunset to get some warmth and there was a bit of sea fog in the distance.
My main question relates to the content, is there too much dead ground in the centre getting to the Lighthouse?
All CC and opinions gratefully received.

What technical feedback would you like if any? Anything

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Anything

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

7 frames shot at roughly 120mm Fuji GFX50S, Pentax 80-160 F4.5 @F16 and 7 stop ND

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I think this looks just fine, Andrew. The processing looks great and I like the pano format here. I personally do not think there is to much dead ground in the middle as I think the wall helps keep the viewers attention. The soft evening light works well and lends an inviting warmth to the image. My only suggestion; and this is being nit picky; would be to clone out a couple of bare patches of ground along the edge of the cliff as they catch my eye a little. I hope you do not mind, but here is a repost with what I was thinking.

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Thanks Ed, when I read what you said I thought “what is he on about” but it’s glaringly obvious and you’re right, I’ve got to take them out. Cheers.

Andrew, this is a very engaging scene, and waiting until the golden hour has resulted in nice warm colors on the landscape. your processing looks very good, I like the WB you used it here, the color contrast between the the warm landscape and the blue ocean is great.

I do not think there is too much dead ground in the center of the image, the basic composition works pretty well for me.

I think @Ed_Lowe’s suggestion to remove the hotspots on the cliff helps. In addition I would suggest a couple other tweaks. The Lighthouse feels a bit tight to the top of the frame edge, and i would like to see some added canvas to add some breathing room. And this may be a personal thing for me, but I think the rocks in the water just off the beach are a little distracting since they are cut off. Here is a rework with 10% canvas added, (and Content Aware Fill), and cloning of the rocks.

Sorry, I realized I reworked the original, so my post does not pick up Ed’s cloning.

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Thanks @Ed_McGuirk, I did shoot a little more sky at the time but lost some in Transform to remove the “tilt/distortion” from the edge of the lens. That said I can live without creating sky and likewise I feel removing the reef is a step further tan I’m comfortable with. They look good but just beyond my comfort zone, sorry.

I love how the lighthouse echoes the vertical rock in the center. However, as is the composition doesn’t work for me: too much horizontal distance and competing subjects (lighthouse, tall rock, small rocks on left). I would crop it as so. I also darkened the light patch of sand on the right bottom.

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Thanks for your thoughts @Tony_Siciliano, I was close to using that crop after processing but I think I will use the slight darkening of the sand.