Number of Prints per ink cartridges set - Epson P900

Hello All,
I am in a process of buying a photo printer to my lab in the University so I need to get some numbers right…
I know there are a lot of variations on the theme, but - as a rule of thumb - how many A3 prints can one get from a ink set? (both the original and a regular one)

Thanks in advance for your reply

I have a P800 so that’s close to what you have. This probably not the answer you are looking for but here goes. The blacks are used much faster than any other color. The light black is the most used cartridge. I’ve been printing for two years now and have gone through two black cartridges while there are some others which still haven’t been used up. So I don’t know how to give an answer for a set of cartridges. They get used at different rates.

Ok, thank you very much.
Cás you give me a number of prints you did in that period?

I would say about 300-400 of the a3 sized prints. The printer came with cartridges that had less ink than what you buy online. So this number should be higher.

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