Oak Trees at the Edge, UC Santa Cruz


) Interested in how the composition works, the color, the subject.

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Taken in the fog with a green lawn below me.

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Composition works very well, which in this case I think was challenging because you have to opposing oak trees. I think this works well because the one the left is a bit more dominant. Plus the fact you’ve got that unique, empty abyss behind the oaks that really makes the image. “At the Edge” describes this perfectly; you get the distinct feeling of, one more step and you’re a gonner… I think abyss describes it best for me.

Color wise, this seems a little off, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. The fog in the lower have seems a bit green to me, and more white/gray towards the top. Probably having to do with the fog in front of more green trees below; yeah, that must be it. Just can’t decide or suggest any improvement on the colors and color balance. As presented, this still works very well; a most unique view of these oaks with the mysterious background.

Thanks for sharing.


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I like your image very much Irene. I suppose it’s due to the flat light, muted colors, and delicate leaves. I really like the color gradient in that back light. I also like those two circles in the tree on the right. They’re almost whimsical. There’s an overall green cast to this image which appeals to me and gives it it’s own character. The tree trunks do have an odd color to them but perhaps that’s how they were.