Ocean Fury



Each fall I spend a week in Bandon, Oregon. This particular time, there were reports of extreme sneaker wave activity. So I went to one of the best viewing areas for waves: Shore Acres State Park. There are several high overlooks that get you close to the action. I was astonished by the absolute fury of the waves. I’ve been there many times at high wave activity but never like this. Even old time visitors were amazed and had never seen it this strong. It’s hard to describe the scale here, but I imagine that wave is 80-100 feet tall. I have many shots of waves that day, but this one is the best.

Hope you enjoy.

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50mm, 1/250 sec @ f/14, ISO 125

Wow! The poser of that wave is amazing! I’ve only been there once and the largest wave I saw was puny compared to this. That would have been incredible to see. You’ve really captured it well. It looks like a bomb exploded.

David, I have been there before and it is one of the best places on the Oregon Coast for dramatic powerful waves. I think you have done a great job of capturing the power with a good choice of shutter speed. You also have preserved the whites of the waves, which I sometimes blow out. Not much more to add…would be a great candidate for a big metal print.

@Steve_Kennedy and @pat2 thanks for the nice comments. Big Metal Print is a cool idea.

Thanks again,

POW! Wow, David that is one awesome crashing wave caught at peak explosion!

I was in Carmel at the beginning of the year with the first of our “atmospheric river” series of storms. I saw some big waves and heard of some 50ft waves damage some multi-gazillion dollar homes in the area. Incredible. Can’t even imagine the imensity of this one.

Nothing to be critical of here, awesome capture and the processing spot on. My only feedback, say if you were to print this might be to add some canvas up to. Yeah, the peaks of the exploding wave don’t breach the edge, but the one on the right comes close. Minor, no biggie.

Glad you got to experience this! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Lon, much appreciated. Yes, those peaks do get close to the edge. I have a couple where they got cut off…Still and incredible experience.


Boy that’s a big one; love it. Great catch David!

Forgive me, because this likely runs completely counter to your vision, but I just love these huge waves in black and white.

John, no worries, I have a B&W version myself. Nicely done here. It does feel a bit more energetic. Thanks!


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Wonderful with excellent detail in the wave! It does look like a magnificent specimen! For me, the top does feel crowded – just a tiny bit more canvas would give it more room to explode into. Definitely worthy of a huge print!

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Hi again, David :slight_smile:

I’ll vote for a metal print of this one as well. It sure is worthy of such an investment in my view.
Love the color and the power this conveys, very few images convey the power of nature but this one sure hits that mark for me.
The way those jagged rocks are oriented and the way they’re fighting the explosion of power is a big plus.
Very well timed and composed, David! :slight_smile:

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David: I was blessed to see a very similar show at Shore Acres a few years ago so this brings back some great memories. I was there in October and the conditions were pretty placid. One of my favorite places on the planet captured in wonderful conditions. Most excellent! :+1: :+1:>=))>