Ocean sunrise

I located a nice location for sunrise the evening before and I liked the patterns in the sand with the sea grass. The following morning I was lucky to get an amazing sunrise with so much color it tinted everything in that beautiful glow. The seabirds at the edge of the water was an added bonus. This rarely happens to me.

Comments and critiques please.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D750 and Nikon 24-120, ISO 500, 1/13th and F 16. Tripod

That is one rocking sky for sure, Andrew! What we photographers drag ourselves out of bed for in those early morning hours. :smiley: My only suggestion would be to open up the FG grasses just a little to compliment that gorgeous sky. Thanks for sharing this.

Wow, you caught amazing color and clouds. I know how special these can be when you are there! I sometimes wish I could just sit back and take it all in. (But not really; I’d much rather be capturing the image and take it home with me :grinning:). I too like the idea of opening the shadows just a little.

Thanks for the help. I hesitated opening up the foreground as I wanted it to look as I remembered it but will now thanks to your input. I think it will work just fine.