Wondering how well this works as an environmental shot.

Olympus EM1MKII, Leica 100-400 @ 400mm, 1/400, f7.1

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

What a gorgeous setting, Steve. I love the feel of the environment and the Osprey makes a wonderful focal point. You have excellent depth of field with good focus throughout and some nice light in the bird’s eye. My only nit is that there seems to be a slight blue cast noticeable in the trunk below the osprey, some of the grayer Spanish Moss, and a bit in the whites of the osprey itself.

An excellent image.

Thank you Dennis. I do see what you’re referring to regarding the blue cast, which I believe I’ve corrected using the blue curve in LR. Note that there is quite a bit of blue sky peaking through the moss.

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OK I thought that was a trunk, not sky. This fixed it up-I like the colors much better.

It’s a very interesting environment with all the different colors in the moss. It’s a great place to have caught the Osprey. I really don’t have any issues with the revised shot. Nicely done!


The revised shot looks pretty good. …Jim

Great shot, Steve. I do love the setting, and the revised image really looks better.

This is excellent… habitat is really nice, pose and perch very good.

Like everyone else, I really like this. Bird and perch are great, but that moss is what sets this apart. Like the repost.

I like the image a lot, great setting, great position of the bird.
Regarding the differences between original and repost: for me they are minor and secondary to the overall impression of the image. I don’t know if mother nature made the light feathers of the bird neutral, but in the original post they are more neutral than in the repost. The color picker sees a very small blue cast in the original post and a small yellow cast in the repost. A matter of taste, for me.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. I’m much happier with the colors in the repost, mainly because the mosses are now more true to life. I first tried color correcting only the Osprey, only to realize that the coloration in the mosses were more disturbing, so I applied correction to the entire image. That fact that nobody mentioned the moss coloration just goes to show how our brains always zero in on the brightest area of an image.