Painted Hills Panorama

I was going through my archives of Painted Hills pictures and noticed two images taken fairly close tighter but not with the idea of blending into a Pano. There was enough overlap that I decided to give it a try. This is the result. I’ve always liked that low hill structure and hopefully this brings it out. I know there’s a bit of a problem with the upper right corner, but no idea how to correct it without cropping too much out.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any thoughts on the upper right corner. Any other comments on the overall composition. Thanks.

Technical Details

Two images, 200mm, 1/200 sec @ f/11, IOS 100, Tripod, Polarizer.


David, tbh, I didn’t even notice the upper right corner until you mentioned it (I looked at photo before reading description). I think this photograph works very well. The stripes of different colors on those hills are just so magical. And the nice complimentary green rounds it all out.

A great image, David. Great patterns and colors. I have no problem with the URC.

The repeating lines makes this image quite impressive. Especially when paired with the long horizontal folds near the bottom. I guess the wedge in urc helps give an end to all this, giving it a sense of perspective rather than an abstract. I think it works in that sense.

@David_Mullin, @Ola_Jovall, and @Igor_Doncov thank you for the kind comments. Much appreciated.


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Wow! This is really stunning, David! I like that you put 2 together to give it a broader view. It really makes me feel like I’m there. The upper right corner doesn’t bother me at all but I found @Igor_Doncov comment intriguing about it changing the possible abstract image you could get without it so I just cropped that little bit out and it does seem to give it more of an even flow. This is what I got anyway…

Awesome image; it is great the way it is. As mentioned above, the darker URC did not jump out at me. That said, if it bothers you, maybe do a localized adjustment, bringing down contrast, lifting the shadows and perhaps lighten it just a tad. Again, only if it really bothers you. As for cropping, there is so much going on, that you could crop this in so many different ways and get intriguing images. So many jewels within this photo… Well done, David.

I’m not typically a big fan of panoramas but this is an example of where it really works in encouraging my eye to move along the horizontal axis. I regard this image as an abstract mostly because it is almost impossible to get a clear reading of scale. The colours and tonality combined with the soft folding of the landscape give this image a feeling of an organic, almost liquid flow. @Vanessa_Hill 's suggested clone might work if done carefully but I don’t really think it needs it . A very compelling composition.

@Vanessa_Hill, @J_Fritz_Rumpf, and @Kerry_Gordon thank you for the comments. Much appreciated.

@Vanessa_Hill , I like your crop as it gets rid of that corner, but it also cuts off the right of that low hill in the foreground. That’s been my conundrum about crop/comp with this image.

@J_Fritz_Rumpf thanks for the suggestion, I am working on that corner with exactly what you suggested. Thanks.

@Kerry_Gordon, as always your comments are greatly appreciated. I like that you consider it an abstract. Thank you.

I don’t know… I know a lot of folks said that the URC didn’t bother them but it’s the first thing I noticed in the image and therefor I like Vanessa’s suggested crop. Otherwise, I think that this is a great image and I love the repeating “waves” in the hill.

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I agree with @Tom_Nevesely. The URC is the first thing I noticed and I can’t un-notice it. I like what @Vanessa_Hill did with the crop but I might add back a portion of the bottom that was cropped off as well. All that being said, this is a really nice pano with all sorts of lines that lead you from the left edge all the way across to the right edge. The colors and textures are beautiful. The larger version really shows how the colors leak and spread down the hill, almost like tie dye leakage. I’ve never been here before but this makes me want to visit. Great image David!

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