Painted Hills Up Close

This was my fourth trip to the Painted Hills and I wanted to bring home something a little different than my previous images.

Specific Feedback Requested

I appreciate any comments, but I am not sure which of the two orientations I prefer.

Technical Details

Canon R5, Canon 100-400mm RF lens @ 400mm, f/18, 1/320 sec, iso 640, hand held


I can understand your dilemma because each one has it’s strong points. The one in the portrait mode has a stronger composition due to the strong diagonals that run from the llc to the urc. But the richer colors of the other one perhaps makes it more attractive. The Painted Hills are always about color to me so I prefer more color. The dark band at the top makes the image feel a bit heavy. I guess I’ll vote for the vertical.

Beautiful image(s) from the Painted Hills. I like your composition and I think that both versions looks great and I really wouldn’t want to be forced to choose between them. I also like the colour palette you chose. Most of the images I’ve seen of the Painted hills have much lighter reds but I think that what you have make these images unique and still quite beautiful.

Both great images; I would go with the landscape format as it gives me a better sense of scale. Well seen!

Like the others, I think both images work but I think the portrait version is more cohesive. I like the contrast you used on both of these making for richer colors than I’m used to seeing from this location but it works well. I like the line from the LLC to the URC and I think that the flowers on the right balance nicely with the grouping of flowers on the left. I might dodge the ULC as it pulls my eye and leads me out of the frame in both versions. Nice take on this area Don.

Nicely done! I prefer the vertical image because the strong diagonal shape of the center folds in the horizontal composition lead my eye out of the image.

Thank you for your comments. Looking at my images, what I actually thought needed work was the LLC which I burned in.