Painted Rose

Specific Feedback Requested

Was interested in the “painted” appearance of the flower and buds.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5ds-r , f-13, 1/60 with iso 500. Use of tripod on cloudy day with flash.


John, A great looking flower with some petals interesting patterns. The flash seems a little harsh on the brighter petals. Background looks a little busy, but the flower pops out due to the colors of the petal and the sharpness. Looks like it is some kind of a rose.

Hi Ravi, Thanks for your information. This rose is called " The Fourth of July." Good name for it.

Very harsh lighting which is difficult to handle and reduces the detail shown in the rose itself. Did you happen to take another shot when it was in the shade produced by a cloud?

Sorry Patricia, this shot was in the shade. I usually find it difficult doing roses because the red petals appear highly saturated . Thanks for the helpful comment, much appreciated.