Parking Lot Landscape #5

Taken from a Hotel/ Golf Course parking lot in Sugar Hill, NH.
The low sun made for some nice lighting.

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Beautiful lighting, Michael. Love the colors in these giant lupines, makes me wish I was there. Very nicely seen and captured.

These lupines look so fresh and healthy. The lupines in California, by comparison, are short and stubby. And the lupines in Baja (yes we have them in the desert) are just not in the same league. Yea, the light is gentle, with friendly shadows.

You know there will be comments on this so I may as well be the first. The two daisies in lrc. Are they an attraction or a distraction?

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Thanks, Igor, for mentioning them. I meant to but forgot!

Ah, I know this particular parking lot very well. Lupines are one of the few wildflowers where the species we have back here in the Northeast are way better than the wildflowers in the western United States, these beauties can be over 3 feet tall. On the downside, they do blow in the wind a lot more than the lupines I’ve shot out west.

I like the dappled light here Mike. Your processing has handled it great, neither the shadows or highlights are intrusive or distracting. And I like where you cut off the top of the tree, it keeps the attention on the lupines. The blue/purple colors look perfect and very natural. I do agree with @Igor_Doncov on removing the white flowers.

Hi Michael! I really love this image. You’d never know it was at the side of a parking lot! It feels like a forest walk and coming into a field of flowers! I love how they seem to go on into the distance forever! And personally, I kind of like those two little daisies in the corner. I think it gives it a little flourish. It could be a watermark…

Very nice Mike. In all my time in the Whites, I’ve only driven through Sugar Hill. Looks like I need to explore some more.

I like the angled line of the field edge, and your cropping of the treetop works well. The lighting is really beautiful.

I do think that the daisies are a bit of a distraction here because there’s only two. Also, I would clone the lupine top in the LLC and the bright bits of sky right on the edge in the URC (top and right edge).

That is a lovely little lupine field isn’t it, Mike. What makes that field a bit different is the tree and it’s character as it sits surrounded by the blues and purples of the lupine. I agree with @Vanessa_Hill as I too actually like the couple of white flowers along with the couple of red ones. My only suggestion would be to clone out the couple of areas where the sky shows through just above the field along the right edge. You have had a great series so far; keep them coming.

Another parking lot beauty Michael. For me, the two front daisies are a distraction and I would clone them out for sure. There a couple of bright spots on the very right edge just above the lupines that could be cloned as well. The tilt of the horizon is a little bothersome but not much you can do about that. You have beautiful light coming across the scene leaving the foreground lupines in shadow and the distant lupines and the tree in great light. It really helps to pull the viewer through the scene. Just a suggestion and I don’t know if it would improve the image but maybe crop off some of the emptiness along the bottom and also just to the inside of the two daisies. Hope you have more of these. No parking lots where I live that look like this. :grin:

I love this image,
very nice and serene composition .
I kind of like the daises…