Parking Lot Landscape #1

My brother Ed gave me the idea for this with his fine shot in the latest weekly challenge. I think I’ll post a series of images taken from parking lots or the shoulder of the road.
Susquehanna State Park, MD

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Nice image, Michael. I love the complementary coloring with the redbud and early spring greens. I think this is a successful portrait of the redoubt with uniform green foliage for the backdrop. The almost dancing form of the redbud also nicely contrasts the rigid verticals of the larger trees behind. If I were to do anything, it would be clone out the little redbud branch jutting in from the left. Just slightly distracting but not too much so. Thanks for sharing!

I had to smile when I read this comment. During the past year the Covid pandemic has forced me into a lot of parking lot /roadside shooting of trees and forests. It’s one of the few ways to guarantee that you can distance and be by yourself. Visiting my usual haunts in popular spots like waterfalls, ponds, scenic overlooks, etc. almost guarantees that you will encounter someone. The population density in the Northeast is so high these types of natural places have been overrun with people since the pandemic began.

Nothing wrong with this roadside scene, the color contrast of the magenta/green is wonderful. I also like how you used the background trees to add structure to the image, and also create a sense of depth. I am jealous too seeing all these great redbud images from you, @Ed_Lowe @David_Wallace and @Alan_Kreyger , we do not have redbud growing wild here in Massachusetts where I live. Keep these redbud images coming, I love seeing them. Nice intimate portrait of the redbud Mike, well done.

You certainly worked this redbud much better than I did, Mike. I was so focused on emphasizing that one limb that I couldn’t see the other possibilities right in front of me. :crazy_face: Obviously the magenta/green color combination is gorgeous and the trees in the BG make for the perfect backdrop. The larger version is a real treat as it affords me a wonderful view of all those woodland details.

This is being real picky, but I would clone out the lowest section of redbud blooms on the left side. Beautifully done!

I love the magenta/green pop in this one. I find the sky in the background a bit distracting. Although you would give up a lot of redbud, I did a scroll crop and really like the way the colors and tree trunks jump out without the sky. Quite an impressive scene.