Parking Lot Landscaoe #3

I caught this tree a little late to isolate the flowers against the green BG. As it is it’s a little chaotic, but it is what it is. Went with 16:9 ratio to crop off the tops of some cars.
Parking lot in Susquehanna State Park, MD.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Lovely scene, @Michael_Lowe. This would be one that would be fun to see biiig to see all of the interacting branches. I like how the subject tree fills most of the frame making for a nice portrait of it. And the aspect ratio you chose works well to exhibit the sweeping outstretched branches. No nits here. Nice work!

Mike, this is really nice. I think the composition is well balanced, and the pano aspect ratio works very well given the structure and layout of the petals here. I also really like the radiating lines of the tree trunks and branches, there are just enough of these to add some structure, and break up the petals.

Color is very subjective, but with flower petals this warm, I might suggest trying to get some more color separation by taking the background greens more green and slightly cooler. Personal subjective taste, I admit.

It is chaotic, but there’s just enough to land on and bring the chaos together; it’s a nice effect. I really like what @Ed_McGuirk 's version does, and could see brightening the flowers to have them “pop” away from the rest just a tad more.

Michael, I should leave it as it is. These warm, soft tones make the image. Where on a parking lot do you find such an almost romantic scene. Therefore I shouldn’t search for more contrast.

This is what I call controlled chaos, Mike. The crop ratio is perfect for this scene as you have managed to put everything in place IMO. I particularly like the way you composed the trees so the limbs radiate through the image. The blooms might be just a little past, but they still look pretty good and the whites of the dogwood contrast rather nicely with the greens of the BG woodland. This is another fine takeaway from Susquehanna SP.

I wish I had parking lots like you have Michael. Another great take from the Susquehanna SP. The Pano crop ratio works perfectly for this image. I really love the branches on the left tree and I really like what @Ed_McGuirk did to separate the background from the foreground and the flowers. I really cant think of any suggestions to improve this image.