Parking Lot Landscape #4

Taken from a pullout at Chincoteague NWR, VA. A good combination of elements came together, full moon, some nice ground fog and some earth shadow.

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I’m really liking this series Mike. The colors in the sky from the earth’s shadow is really beautiful. There is even some texture in the moon and the fog and soft foreground make for a very moody and captivating scene. I love the grouping of trees under the moon. Thank gosh for pull outs! LOL

Nice Mike. The pastels and the moon work well together.

I think the shot also works with a crop to the bottom with the fame stating in the fog area

Sweet image, Mike. The elements certainly did come together for this lovely scene. I too am liking this series so far. I never really thought much about it before, but there is definitely plenty of scenes to capture within twenty feet of the vehicle. No suggestions from me as this is superb.

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Michael, please visit more parking lots! Your series is very much to my liking. This image is great. I like the three distinct layers and how you have managed the colors. Very well found and captured.

Earth shadow…I admit to not hearing the term as it relates to light and so I’m glad to have learned something from your gorgeous image. The transition of colors is really soothing and the way you handled the shadows in the trees fits the mood well; just a little green, but not too much. The LLC is a little bit of bother and I would experiment with ways to reduce its visual weight. I’m so glad you pulled over!

This is a wonderful series @Michael_Lowe
Love everything in this photo.

Our parking lots in Portugal do not look that like! wonder why?

Indeed, this is a great idea for an image series Mike. This one is just dripping with atmosphere, and the color gradient in the sky is wonderful. My only nit is with the LLC, I wish you had slightly more space at the bottom to pick up more of the reflection of the bushes.

Gorgeous scene @Michael_Lowe. that line of fog adds some mystic feeling to the scene.
I’m bit divided with that small puddle on the lower left corner, it doesn’t steel that much attention and adds information about the surroundings, but my eyes tend to gravitate there.

It’s a great ideia for a series. Sometimes the more unexpected spots give us the more beautiful scenes.

Wonderful composition and perfectly handled light. My only thought is to move the move to the right so it’s in that notch just to the right of the main clump of trees :full_moon:

Thanks @ola , @Kris_Smith , @David_Haynes , @Ed_Lowe , @joaoquintela , @Ed_McGuirk , @João_Ferrão , @Nathan_Klein , @Tony_Kuyper for the comments and suggestions.