Photographic Mission Statement

Hey all, I wanted to share something I thought was really cool. Years ago I took the strength finders test to discover my top five strengths were Empathy, Adaptability, Belief, Futuristic, and Intellection. A friend of mine encouraged me to write these words into a self mission statement. I struggled for years to figure out how to best do this. Then I had a ping the other day to try ChatGPT, at least as a start. Then I decided to see what it would give me for a photographic mission statement, & what it gave me I thought was really neat.

My photographic mission is to capture the essence of humanity with empathy, adapting to diverse stories & moments. I believe in the power of images to convey a futuristic vision while engaging in deep intellection to create lasting visual narratives that inspire & connect.

I have my skepticism & uncertainty about AI most of the times, but it’s something like this that make it really helpful. Just wanted to share as inspiration for any of you wanting to refresh or create a mission statement for yourself & your art :sparkles:

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This is so cool Stasia! As someone who struggles with finding the right words ChatGPT has really been a game changer for me too. I’ll have to play around with this and see if I can come up with my own mission statement!

That’s pretty neat. I took that test too, I might play with it as well.

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Sweet! Id love to see what it comes up with for you & how you use it.

Interesting…. Just try to avoid what can be called “artspeak.” It takes meaningless to a new level.

Thanks for your thoughts Diane. I’d love for you to elaborate on that more☺️

I’d love to have time to, but don’t. Just look at about 10 artist statements (by “real” artists) and see how many of them look like they were written by AI 1.0. Do they really mean anything or just sound like snow jobs. That is Artspeak.

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