Photoshop’s AI can UNCROP photos. SERIOUSLY

Photoshop’s AI can UNCROP photos. SERIOUSLY. as viewed on Tony & Chelsea Northrup Aug. 11, 2023. Tony showed an un-cropped photographs that had a Osprey flying out of the frame. Then he ask Photoshop to re-crop the shot and adding the missing wing. The result was a natural looking Osprey in flight. This was not a composite, but a completely new regenerated expansion of the raw file. The question is how should identify.
See: Image Authentication in Adobe Lightroom by Don Saunderson

Hey Peter, can you post the links for more context?

I think he’s talking about Generative Fill currently in Ps beta.

Hi David & Kristen
The web sight is Tony & Chelsea Northrup-YouTube
Tony stated this AI is a beta program and it can be found on the Photoshop beta location.