Pink Cosmos

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Shot handheld with a D850, 105 mm lens at f5.6, ISO 200, 1/125 second. Shot early in the morning in October before our first frost.

Hi Kathy, this is a fine portrait of the cosmos and really stands out against the nicely blurred background. I’m really enjoying the upturned petal…that is so atypical of most flower portraits. Appears that you focused on the center while letting the edges go a little softer, which is a nice strategy.

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I like this a lot - the choice of frame size is interesting too. A pity you need the large watermark, but I understand why.

Thank you Jim. The photo was taken in the 2nd week of October in CO when we had had a very light frost. I attributed some of the petal formations at that time to the effect of the light frost. I agree they aren’t the normal for Cosmos but after what I saw last October I might try short bursts in my freezer and then sun to see what happens this year.

Hi Mike
Thank you for the comment. I really toyed with the crop . As to the watermark : as a recovering attorney, I just have problems posting a larger than 750 on the long version on a site that has a download button. I have read what the site says about this but still have the issues, so sometimes, I just put that large watermark on it. I have posted a smaller version without the water mark .

Here is a version without the large watermark.

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Thanks @Kathy_Snead - this looks so much better to my eyes!

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Lovely flower well rendered. The panoramic format is interesting, so is the arrangement of the petals. Nice color palette. Nice background as well. Very well done.

Kathy: I appreciate your viewpoint regarding the watermark but I REALLY like the repost without it. Beautiful subject, BG and light superbly captured and presented. >=))>

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