Pink Pathway

This was taken on the grounds of the Oregon State Capitol. The walkways and planting beds were covered with what looked like a layer of pink snow. The photo may look like spring, but it was cold and wet - pretty much what our spring has been like this year.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any advice or comments are appreciated. What about the purple azalea along the right edge? I’m not sure about that.

Technical Details


Beautiful Chris. I don’t mind the purple azalea, it adds interest and besides it looks like it was wishing it could be part of the show. Nicely done.

I wish the azalea was another box hedge, but you make do, right? And you did well here to put the path off center and crop tighter to focus on the pink above and below. Looks like a fabulous place to wander and welcome the arrival of spring.

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@Kris_Smith @linda_mellor Thank you very much for your comments.

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Chris, what a fine pink covered walkway, very inviting. I assume that those tremendous trees are some kind of cherry. I think the purple azalea adds something extra to the view, with the bit of purple duplicated above and beyond, telling me there are more azaleas. Their color coordinates very nicely with the soft pink. I suggest trying a couple of things, that might or might look like improvements to you; 1) cropping from the top and left to set that first tree as a framing element. 2) Burning in slightly the brightish area to the left of that first tree below it’s first branch and dodging the sculpture to reduce it’s presence. The great thing about digital is how easy it is to try things and discard the ones you don’t like.

Thanks, Mark. I’ll give your ideas a try.