Pintail Couple in Flight

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Shot near my home. I really like the light here.

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iso 2000, 500 pf, f7.1, 2000th, D500

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repost. This was all one layer. I have no idea where the halo originated?

Wow! I love this color palette. And you got them so sharp in flight! Beautifully lit too. It seems like a pretty strong vignette to me though. I appreciate how they are more lit up than the background, but the strong vignette especially in front of them has the feel of blocking their way forward. And there’s some kind of shadow outline of their bodies? Maybe you could carefully clone that out of there…the bokeh is nicely done!

Incredible detail for a flight shot; great colors in the pintails and nice flight poses. I did notice the same things that @connie4 mentioned.

I like the positions of the birds, David, and that’s a killer background. I am seeing a slight halo around both of the ducks I don’t know if you put them on a separate layer when you work on them, but if so, just the eraser tool could take care of that issue.

Very nice in flight catch of a snappy looking duck species. Issues noted above but this is a fine capture with a fine topside view of both ducks. I like the overall scene included too.

if you look at the two previous comm nts, you’ll notice some mention of a vignette and I threw in. Rather than just we do this from the original Image, I just adjusted the vignette. It must have been created by the vignette because the other two images which are almost identical that are posted here have no evidence of the vignette. Oh well.