Pintails in the Afternoon

A pair of PIF (Pintails in flight) in late afternoon sun

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques: iso 400, 100-400 plus 1.4X, f8, 800th, A7R3, handheld, 50% crop

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I am having trouble adjusting my saturation levels when converting tif to jpg. Everything is set to
sRGB. But this second image is an attempt to decrease the orange and red saturation.

Excellent, David. Beautiful late afternoon light and excellent details. A very nice flight shot.

This is excellent, David, and should be printed large and hung in a prominent location for all to see.

David, the details in the birds are outstanding. I do think that the reduced sat. in the repost looks more realistic. The color coordination between the birds and the background is an extra bonus.

A very nice in-flight capture, David! Very nice detail with sharp focus on both birds. I prefer the second version with less saturation.


Fantastic in-flight capture. The detail is incredible!

A matter of personal preference of course. I generally like the color/saturation in the original - with the exception of the orange bar on the male’s wing. Maybe masking that and some compromise on saturation between your two versions. Of course you’re more familiar than I with what these guys look like in person…

I don’t know how you guys manage the detail and focus for these shots! Kudos to you all all the avian gurus who can do this.