Nikon D300s then
18-200mm @ 80mm
Subject dist: 0.50m
1/60 sec, f/32
Mode: Av
Metering: Multi-segment
ISO: 180
White balance: Auto
Flash: On

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Hi Sandy,

I think you really found a nice balance in the layout of these. The background feels velvety.

Are these the actual flowers on these ferns?

Hi, Jim - these are wildflowers in front of the forest floor of ferns. I wish there were ferns that flowered, but I don’t believe there are any.

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A lovely arrangement of blooms, Sandy and the ferns make a great background.

PS: You’re right-ferns don’t flower. Spores usually come off the underside of the fronds.

Sandy: Great plane of focus management and really nice job subduing the BG. :+1::+1:>=))>

Sandy, I like this, both for the balance and subdued background. It illustrates perfectly my own thought, that it is better to have some background than no background, usually, as long as it supports the subject . Good presentation!

Hi Sandy,

Nice composition. Very good balance between the subject (Baneberry) and the background ferns. However, it looks like it is oversharpened to me.