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Eric here!

I’ve noticed there are only tags for regions in the US and UK. Does this mean that photos from international locations like Iceland, Patagonia, etc aren’t allowed?



I added some international options last night, rather than getting too specific with Patagonia, I added South America, we can add more as needed, I don’t want the list to get too long.

I also noticed there are no tags in the POP gallery. I’m wondering if that’s why the image I just posted there doesn’t show up in the New or Latest feeds on the main community page?


I have enabled tags for that category. The reason posts in this category are not showing up in latest is not the tags, but the way I have set it up. Since the site is dedicated to nature photography I think the majority of users do not want to see posts in POP, no offense. If you want to see them in your latest feed you can turn this on by setting the categories notifications on. See this post on how to achieve this.

Thanks for the response @David_Kingham and the tip on configuring my notifications. Like most things, the more we use something, the easier and more familiar it will become.

Great point and well taken. You’re right, this is first and foremost about nature photography so your comment makes sense and I get it.

One of the great challenges and issues in the now “old” NPN was that participation really waned in all but about 2 or 3 galleries. Without the images in other galleries showing up in New/Latest, visibility to those images isn’t there. However, I think that if members have the ability in their own feed (Latest?) to see all categories, or just one, or customize what they want to see, will give them the option and I think that’s a pretty good compromise.

thanks again,


Latest is a great tool, look for it along the top as shown below. New and unread are extremely useful as well.

On another note, when is the last time you have heard from Cay-Uwe? I have not heard back from them at all.